20 Inspiring Carrd Websites

We collected some amazing examples of all the possibilities using Carrd. We hope this inspires you to start your project right away.

20 Inspiring Carrd Websites

Carrd is a versatile single page builder for most contexts. Build one-page sites for pretty much anything. Whether it's a personal profile, a landing page to capture emails, or something a bit more elaborate, Carrd has you covered. Simple, responsive, and starts with a free plan.

✅ When should you use Carrd?
Consider using Carrd only if you fit these criteria:

  • Build quick landing pages.
  • Budget is below $50/yr for websites.
  • Quick static websites for your projects.
  • Making & Testing your landing pages.

🚫 When should you not use Carrd?
Do not use Carrd, if you want the following features:

  • Extreme design control in your website
  • Looking for inbuilt animations for your website.
  • Complex back end operations like CMS or Blogs.

Now that you understand the constraints of Carrd, here are some websites that have pushed these constraints and have launched their own products and more. Let's begin:

An integrated e-commerce store by @1foehn
Stack used: Carrd + Ecwid and you need to have advanced CSS knoweldge to modify Ecwid shop theme.

Endeva Nutrition - UK’s #1 Evidence Based Supplements
Endeva - The UK’s #1 Evidence Based Supplements. Pre-workout, Nootropics, Sleep and Greens formulas, 100% backed by science. No under dosing, no proprietary blends. Just effective, high quality products, that work.

Get sms notifications on signup by @atsaotsao
Stack used: Carrd + Zapier + Twilio(SMS)

Positext is a free service that sends a 7-day motivational text message plan to recover from losing your job.

Offer downloadable assets behind a email signup.
Stack used: Carrd + Dropbox

Free Playing Card Mockups — Download Now!
Download playing card mockups for Photoshop to see what your designs look like in real life. Completely free!

Offer curated guides with a paywall by @rohit_chavane
Stack used: Carrd + Notion + Mailchimp

SaaSHook - 45+ Persuasive Hooks to Increase the Conversion Rate
Improve your SaaS website’s conversion rate using this FREE swipe file.

Sell a digital product with payment gateway by @janelgsm
Stack used: Carrd + Gumroad

Newsletter Operating System
Everything you need to curate, write and grow your newsletter in a comprehensive Notion dashboard.

Sell paid only content via subscription with a free trial by @yoroomie
Stack used: Carrd + Launchpass + Slack

Everything Marketplaces Community
A community for marketplace startup founders, teams, & leaders

Gallery of Carrds by @markbowley
Stack used: Carrd + Airtable Forms.


Personal Portfolio by @whoizzoe
Stack: Carrd + Airtable Embeds

Home / ✌️ I’m Zoe Chew, Product Builder.
Product builder, Product Hunt #1 & Lifehacker (I Lazy to Read). Product & community for tech cos (US/APAC). Co. @ New

Sell Components & Widgets by @jordnfk
Stack used: Carrd + Gumroad

Tinyjar | Donations Made Easy
Tinyjar is a widget that lets you control all of your donation links in one place for Buymeacoffee, Ko-fi, Patreon, and more.

Make a curated resources list for any industry by @whoizzoe
Stack used: Carrd only


Make an advanced Job Board in Carrd by @jordnfk
Stack used: A low code Job Board option made in Carrd.

Thai Gigs | Thailand’s Top Jobs
The top jobs around The Kingdom of Thailand.

Get multiple newsletter signups and user logins with @try_pico
Stack: Carrd + Pico


Help the farmers protesting in India - Protest Websites
Stack: Carrd only


A native bookshelf made in Carrd by @yawyr_vk
Stack: Carrd only

The Antilibrary
A modern ancient library

A course detail page & accept Orders by @teamnocoloco
Stack used: Carrd + Podia


Design & Product Job Board by @teamnocoloco
Stack used: Carrd + Airtable Forms + Razorpay (Payments)

The home for Design + Product makers.

Curated Tweet Directory by @5harath
Stack used: Carrd + Twitter Embed.

Really Good Questions
A curated showcase on curiosity from Twitter’s brightest minds.

Hireworthy Podcast by @teamnocoloco
Stack used: Carrd + Spotify Embed

The Hireworthy Podcast
Hireworthy podcast brings you conversations you’ve never heard before, from Designers, Product Managers and Leaders from Asia, with insights on careers in design & product management. Tune in every fortnight.

Type in Carrd - Type Combinations by @teamnocoloco
Stack used: Carrd only


Dog Adoption Portal by @teamnocoloco
Stack used: Carrd + Airtable + Airtable Forms

Now adopt & foster dogs and cats!

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