Highlights from Part 2 of Cold Brew & No-Code

A weekly roundup of No-Code case studies from Nocoloco livestream.

Highlights from Part 2 of Cold Brew & No-Code

In our weekly edition, of livestreams with No-Coders who come together and share the work they've done in a show we call, "Cold Brew & No-Code". This show happens every weekend 8:30PM IST on our Youtube Channel.

Here is a quick summary of highlights & people from this stream:

One Good Thing by Aishwarya Ashok

Aishwarya shared her work on @glideapps to create One Good Thing. She also shared various ways her app got distributed to get traction all the way to be featured on Product Hunt's Twitter account.

Check out the app here: https://gumroad.com/l/onegoodthing

One Good Thing by Aishwarya

BeRupeeWise by Sreelakshmi

Sreelakshmi is a Certified Financial Risk manager who uses @glideapps to advise and educate her clients about better financial decisions. She also shared her journey on being Non-technical & how no-code empowered her to start her business.

Check out the app here: https://berupeewise-calculators.carrd.co

Financial apps by Sreelakshmi

Credentially App by Bhanu V

Bhanu is a well known Adalo expert and recently collaborated with Scott Meyer to launch Credentially. Bhanu's views are spot on about India and No-Code being the next wave for many new makers.

Check out the app here: https://www.credentiallyapp.com

Credentially App by Bhanu

Read something great by Louis Pereira

Louis shared his latest project, Read something Great which was a single page application done on Bubble.io. If you want inspiration to build in Bubble, this is your project.

Check it out here: https://www.readsomethinggreat.com

Read something Great by Louis

Internal Apps for a family business by Himanshu

Himanshu shared how he empowered his family business with @glideapps and improved the process overall. He also shared the initial friction he had faced in adoption in the business. This is a case study of business in India esp family run.

Follow Himanshu: https://twitter.com/him__anshu

Sky Stock by Himanshu

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