Design Vitamins - Issue #27

Design Vitamins - Issue #27

Welcome to the 27th Issue of Design Vitamins πŸ’Š
If you want to access the previous issues, you can check them out in this link.

Let's jump into it to get our weekly fix now ⬇️

Five Finds of the week

  1. SVG Doodle Icons (Try Now πŸ› οΈ)
  2. Hue-plot - Explore Colors spaces and Gamuts (Play Now πŸ”—)
  3. Product Video Examples (View Directory πŸ”—)
  4. Counter-Print's Book on User Experience Design (Check it out πŸ”—)
  5. - Mockup Generator (Try Now πŸ”—)

Four Things to Read, See and Hear this week

  1. Canvas Design Trends for 2024 (View Guide πŸ”–)
  2. Nikhil Kamath's video on WTF is ChatGPT? (View Video)
  3. The State of Play in Spatial Computing (View Guide πŸ“–)
  4. Joseph Zhang's Interaction design Portfolio (View Portfolio πŸ“œ)

Three Things to Try this week

  1. Bastarda - Digging BT Typeface (Check Now πŸ”—)
  2. Superlist: A new To-Do Tool (Try Tool πŸ”—)
  3. Lazy PDF - a Simple free PDF exporter for Figma (Check Now πŸ”—)

Two Videos to learn from

Every week, we'll picked out these two tutorials for you to learn and grow in the field of Digital Product Design.

#1: What is GenAI and how does it work from the Turing Lectures and the Royal Institution

#2: Opportunities in Al by Andrew Ng at Stanford

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One meme for this week

Found on Twitter

Adios and we'll be back next week. See you then πŸ‘‹