How not to procrastinate?

How not to procrastinate?

by Karthi Subbaraman

Our human brain loves excitement and we don’t pursue things that are boring. But most profound things in life are boring. Isnt it?

Here is my list of boring profound things. Meditation, sitting quietly, walking etc  Typically doing nothing and repeating something is boring. No wonder our brains can't fathom consistency though it is profound. Reps are boring according to our brain. This makes building our selves everyday hard. No wonder compounding is the hardest thing to do for sapiens.

Neuroscience-cically (there is no such word but you get the point) speaking, our brains are all about NOW. We can't dwell in the future, though it may be bring the best for us. Our brains focus on surviving now at all times.

We tend to focus on the most urgent thing in front of us. We tend to procrastinate things that are important and significant.

Our evolution has not caught up with our fast paced lifestyles yet. We are trying to run a new software on an old hardware. We have to live with it as biological upgrades are not available(even if we want it).

The pain is real. Building self in any dimension is hard without consistency .


There are ways in which we can make it less painful. That is what experience design is all about. My job is all about making human beings lazy and accomplished.  The problem of consistency was bugging me and my friends at Xperian.

Maker's Guild is our attempt to solve the consistency problem we all have as knowledge workers. We deliberately designed the guild to solve the problem of consistency and betterment. The details for another post.

We took all the boring hard things from makerverse and made it systemic and systematic.

Systems and routines help us run ourselves everyday in a signifixant way.It is hard yes but it gets a little easier when done in a tribe.

Our Daily Standup in the Guild makes us commit to one significant thing you will accomplish for the day.

Just one thing.

It makes you pause, breathe and think before you commit. Doing this everyday makes compounding a breeze.

You could try this yourself. just one significant thing day after day with an accountability partner. You will beat the boredom cycle and your brain gets excited again.

Let me know how it goes ?

🥂 to consistency!