Introducing branding

It is fools day today! Four years ago on this day, I started a foolish journey to create a Maker's Ecosystem. I must say that the past 1460 days are the most beautiful days of my career as a practitioner, teacher, mentor, advisor, leader, coach, visionary and a community builder.

The journey started with self-care and later self-care itself became our North Star. Little did we know that we are starting a whole new movement of Freedom Economy. It is not about being a unicorn or a donkey or a monkey. It is about being Human.

The journey is about juggling many aspects of being human and becoming the best version one can in this lifetime. Here is an ecosystem built for just those sapiens.

When I started 4 years ago, I knew nothing about building ecosystems. As a designer I turned around to look for some inspiration. I could not find a better inspiration than a forest. There is no beginning and there is no end. Every tree is unique. Every animal is unique. Every insect is unique and yet they live together in harmony by supporting each other. And that's it we found our north star. Finding purpose takes time. Now that we have found it, it is time to live it.

It is human to spend all our life in finding, drifting, questioning, giving excuses, becoming victims and not living. It is time to go beyond the default human nature and start living it. With that intent, I am establishing SILVA today. Silva means Forest in Latin ✨

Our Maker's Ecosystem is Silva.Camp like a forest camp.

You exist as you in this forest.
You grow to your max potential.
You bear fruits when you are ready.
There is no deadline or targets to acheive.
You will be supported for who you are.
You will work only with your strengths.
You will not fit into any of the labels.
You will get better everyday as betterment will be your mantra
You will chase a new bar for yourself everyday.
You can choose to work for yourself.
You can choose to work for someone else too.
You can do it is as a main hustle or as a side hustle.
You can work on it 24 hours a day or 2 hours a day. No one cares.
You will not be judged by what you do or how you do it.

All that will matter is ACTION.
The name of the game is hyper ownership.

It took us three years to come here. Together we have worked on more than 200+ initiatives in the past 1460 days. That means every week we brewed something. We quietly did our work. We published our work every day. We learnt what worked and what did not. What understand what resonated and what didn't. What figured out gave us energy and what didn't. It was a journey of different sort.

I call them as INNER MILES. We did get burnt out every now and then but the vision kept us alive, alert and awake.

Today we complete envisioning what we started. Now it is time for each one of us own our own initiatives, play by our strength, focus on one thing, give it all and kill it in the marketplace.

There is a full fledged ecosystem to back you, help you and support you at all times. Our messy middle is coming to a closure and we are all set for our new beginnings 🔥

Silva.Camp will function is a trust and it is aimed to hold atleast 50 brands in the next decade. We already have 10. This is gonna be a fun ride 🎢

🥂 to focus, strength and tribe!