Mini Launch πŸš€: Webflow Landing Page Template

Webflow is one of the most comprehensive web-builder which allows for maximum design control for building great websites. We've been using webflow from 2016 onwards and it has been amazing ride.

After a building a number of websites, including our Agency Website (Oghma), Websites & Portals for our clients (Example: Jack Strategy) and our own experiments (which you can clone on Webflow), we now bring our own templates to you.

Presenting our first ever Webflow template for anyone launching their own landing pages quickly πŸ‘‡

Quick Demo for One Page Launcher

Here's what this template contains:

βœ… Quick Value Prop section + Links if required.
βœ… Animation of the Yellow Rocket and the Background.
βœ… Ready to connect Subscribe form.
βœ… Social List icons.
βœ… Prompt to Chat via Link.

All of this for β‚Ή1500/ ~$20 | Get it hereπŸ‘‡

One Page Launcher - Webflow Template