Ten point guide to building Landing Pages

Here are ten Best practices to create a high converting landing page.

Ten point guide to building Landing Pages
Photo by Igor Miske / Unsplash

As the name suggests, a landing page is a standalone page where your potential customer "lands" after directed by an email or ad or search.

Usually a landing page is super specific page created for a specific purpose such as lead generation or click-through sale by providing something of value such as an email course, a white paper, a playbook, a webinar etc in exchange for contact information.

Here are some best practices from creating 100s of landing pages 👇

  1. Social proof enhances your credibility. Instead of copy pasting the words from a customer testimonial, show the actual screenshot from social media or email or a text. Prioritise authenticity over cleanliness.
  2. Segment your customers. Lead each segment to a specific landing page to appeal to people with different desirability.
  3. Boost the visibility of your landing page in search engines with SEO. Optimise for specific keywords in your landing page. For eg: best design tips for landing pages vs landing pages.
  4. Ensure your copy writing speaks to your target audience directly and hooks them. Clearly tell them how they can get value. For eg: Get your favourite meals at the press of a button is far better compared to quick deliveries from local restaurants.
  5. Make sure the call to action (CTA) is self explanatory. eg: Book a free demo now is so much better compared to just Sign-up.
  6. Real faces make a real difference. Add your photos and videos for authenticity. Make sure they are professionally done.
  7. Address your potential customer's apprehension and doubts upfront specifically. Eg: Build your customer website in 20 mins. No code vs Build your own website. This is possible only when you understand your customer deeply.
  8. Provide a quick way to contact you via chat or phone. It is a sign of authenticity and legitimacy, telling your customers that you’re there to help at all times.
  9. Set the layout of your landing page once and keep the same. With changes or new information, keep replacing the old ones. Do not add more to the existing landing page. It will break the layout.
  10. Make it fun, valuable and novel. This will give your visitors a reason to share with their friends.

Landing pages need not be a part of evergreen navigation of a website. They could be created for the specific moment of an ad campaign to serve the target audience.

In addition to helping with lead generation, landing pages also help in increasing conversions, providing insights to audience and boosting brand credibility.