Introducing: Weekend Design Workshop

An opportunity to get into product design (ui/ux) with the help of Xperian Instructors over a weekend for an investment of ₹999

Introducing: Weekend Design Workshop
Weekend Design Workshop - Digital Product Design Intensive 2021

I crib a lot. Especially about things that are close to my heart but not done the right way.

I cribbed a lot about design industry, design education, seat at the table, designer titles, quality of designers, competency and everything in between.

I remember that lunch hour in late 2017s. My mentor and professor Nandini Vaidyanathan listened to all my cribs patiently and asked me to take a deep breathe. At one point, she held my fingers that pointed outward and turned it towards me and asked what can YOU do to solve this problem? what can YOU do to raise the bar? how can YOU add value to your industry? That lunch hour changed me inside out.

From that day onwards my problem solving approach changed forever. When I feel like cribbing about something, I build with all my heart. I show my frustration in building better that I would approve in my industry.

It is like sprinting hard when you are angry and as a result you strengthen your core muscles. This attitude made me a better problem solver.

Recently I was going through some weekend workshops myself to see from a fresh perspective as all our students asked for instant gratification (4 hours, 10 hours, 1 day, 3 days of design). I spent (sometimes wasted) time and went through workshops that are popular. I took a design workshop two months ago.

Gosh! I could not sleep for 3 days in a row. That was design butchered in front of my eyes. My BP was a little high that week but I decided to turn it around and make it into a workshop that I will approve. I wanted me to say this was worth my time and money. That is how we created Weekend Design Workshop as a part of our WXW series.

It will cost you so much lesser (INR 999 or $13 for 12 hours) than 4 hours workshops and you will learn so much more about design in these two days.

Looking forward to see you there 👋
Karthi Subbaraman

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For 4th and 5th Sept 2021

Weekend Design Workshop (WDW)
Weekend Design Workshop (WDW) is a 2-day fun-filled yet intensive workshop aiming at getting you started with Digital Product Design aka UI/UX Design.In this workshop Team Xperian will...