10 Glideapps Gems πŸ’Ž you did not know

There are some amazing gems πŸ’Ž Β in Glideapps and IMHO they need more appreciation. Let's discover 10 of them πŸ‘‡

1. Make use of the template column to make data readable

Make a template of anything with this field type. See this quick quick tutorial here by Glideapps οΏ½β¬‡β€Œ... .

▢️ View tutorial on Glide's Template Column

Template Column on Glideapps


2. Add a Stop watch / Timer to your Glideapp

Allow your users to track time spent on tasks and their reps in gyms with this nifty component from Glideapps.

Here's a quick walkthrough by Amit Sarda, a Glide Expert πŸ‘‡

Stopwatch walkthrough by Amit Sarda

3. Enable a share sheet for Glideapps

On click of a button or an Action Text, people can share the results from the Glide to WhatsApp. Learn by reading the documentation:

Show Sharing Options
Tap to open share sheet
Share sheet enabled in Glideapps

4. Construct a url from plain text:

Create actionable links for people to interact with. You can try having those WhatsApp direct messages now. Learn by reading the documentation:

Construct URL
Create URLs from different values.
Construct URL Column

5. Give your users proper Hints

Errors, Warnings, Advisements & Hints (EWAHs) are important UI design components. Use these appropriately in your Glideapps.

Learn by reading the documentation:

Hint Components on Glide Apps

6. Generate images within glideapps

No more tedious uploading of images. You can generate fun colour meshes from any column in your Glideapps. Bye Unsplash πŸ‘‹

Column for generating image

Learn by reading the documentation:β€Œβ€Œβ€Œβ€Œ

Generate Image
Generate images automatically


7. Increment quantities in your glideapps

This component allows your user's choice to add quantities step by step to a shop app or to a customising app. Learn by reading the documentation:

Increment Action β€’ Glide
Glide has a new increment action! Use the action to increment/decrement number values by any amount you want.

8. Accept signatures in your glideapps

Internal apps need a lot of sign offs and Glideapps offers a great in built, highly responsive component to add to your apps. Learn by reading the documentation:

Signature Component
Signature column settings in glideapps.

9. Reshuffle any list

Have your users select something randomly. Works well if you are having a gifting app and users can choose a gift at random. Learn by reading the documentation:

Reshuffle a randomly ordered list

10. Copy to Clipboard

Allow your users to copy information from your app in the format you want them to and share anywhere else. Learn by reading the documentation:

Copy to Clipboard

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