Building Micro SAAS without code

Building Micro SAAS without code

Micro SAAS or Micro Software as a Service is business or product focuses on solving a problem in a niche market, using minimal resources.

This term was first coined by Tyler Tingas when he was describing his product, Store mapper a few years back in this video 👇

Micro SAAS: StoreMapper by Tyler Tringas

While it has been a long way from then the idea is gaining more popularity day by day with the advent of no-code. No-code allows you to pair skills of design + product to launch your product for validation quickly.

No-Code allows you to tie together different platforms to visually build your software without spending a huge $$ ahead. Only when you reach a great scale you can focus on moving your application to a code base.

A Two Pronged Approach to Micro SAAS

There are two crucial parts of a SAAS business and its important to put them together before you jump in.

Part 1: SAAS Categories

A. System of Record:
This is where a customer keeps track of everything and it will help multiple stakeholders in the organisation to act and access this information as one source of truth. Of all systems, Record systems are most sought after by businesses. Softwares like Salesforce are leaders in this model.

B. System of Engagement
This is where a customer is using these softwares day in day to help with their daily business tasks. These systems also help customers who are usually on the ground to get their task done and sit on top of softwares that maintain records. These tools could range from Slack, a messaging app to Front, a customer communication platform.

C. System of Decisions
Where a customer uses to make a decision informed by data, history and records of information. These systems are also known as Business Intelligence Systems and also take various forms like Analytics Apps, Reporting Apps, etc are used by various business teams to help teams take decisions.

Part 2: Niche & Market

It's important to note, you don't have to go after a big huge market as it would require enormous amounts of money and time investment. But the key here is to go after a Niche market.

For example,

  1. Build a Marketplace for Hairdressers in India.
  2. Invoice maker for freelanceers.
  3. Productised Service Education for Developers or Designers.
  4. Sell premium services for D2C companies, etc.

So, How do you build one?

Let us walk through some great examples and it's stacks to get you inspired to build your own Micro SAAS.

Example 1: Incomee

Incomee is a end-end suite that helps from proposal to payment to run your freelance business seamlessly.

SAAS Category: System of Record & System of Engagment.

Market Niche: Freelancers who want simple tools to manage their cashflow & business.

Built with:

Example 2: NuCode

Nucode is an community and a marketplace rolled into one neat little package. The founders run a full time studio and encourage no-code community too!

SAAS Category: System of Engagement.

Market Niche: Made for the No-Code Community from around the world.

Built with:

Example 3: Goodgigs

Goodgigs focuses on helping people in NGOs and Social sectors to get jobs. It also hosts its own community and podcasts to engage its audience.

SAAS Category: Systems of Record & Engagement.

Market Niche: For people in Careers in NGO and Social Impact.

Built with:

Example 4: HelloGuru

An community + school that helps people to learn no-code and other fundamentals.

SAAS Category: Systems of Record & Engagement.

Market Niche: For people who want to learn No-Code and skill up.

Built with:

Example 5: Premium GlideApp templates

Glideapps helps you create Mobile apps with google sheets. You can make a tonne of apps for clients or sell these templates as a productised service. Charge anywhere between $100 to $1000 for each template.

SAAS Category: Based on usecase it differs.

Market Niche: For people want to use No-Code to launch their Businesses.

Built with:

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