Design Vitamins - Issue #26

This issue features Icons8, UX Myths, Designer Fund, Sangam Icons, Tushar Gupta and two UI Breakdowns of Apple Books

Design Vitamins - Issue #26

Welcome to the 26th Issue of Design Vitamins πŸ’Š
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Let's jump into it to get our weekly fix now, click on a toggle to read more ⬇️

Five Finds of the week

  1. Open Source Color System (Try Now πŸ› οΈ)
  2. Photo Creator by Icons8 (Play Now πŸ”—)
  3. Use Animations - Micro animations in Lottie Framework (View Directory πŸ”—)
  4. UX Myths: Debunk common UX Myths to design better (Check it out πŸ”—)
  5. Value Proposition Canvas on Figjam (Try Now πŸ”—)

Four Things to Read, See and Hear this week

  1. How to write good Alt Text (View Guide πŸ”–)
  2. How Mode Analytics designs for both new & power users (View Video)
  3. Async Design Critiques: Getting Feedback (View Guide πŸ“–)
  4. Tushar Gupta's Design Portfolio (View Portfolio πŸ“œ)

Three Things to Try this week

  1. Sargam Icons (Check Now πŸ”—)
  2. Supa Snapshot Figma Plugin (Try Tool πŸ”—)
  3. A guide for working with design freelancers & studios (Check Now πŸ”—)

Two UI Breakdowns of the week

This week's chosen workflows are from "Apple Books":

  1. Change Reading Settings
  2. Sharing a Note/Highlight

Breakdown #1

Changing and customising layouts to read better is a in-depth experience on Apple Books. The choices though are found only if one has a keen eye and is interested in customising the reading experience.

See a quick audit below ‡

Breakdown #2

Sharing is available only when the user actually digs a bit deeper. This makes the Books looks like a closed off platform and does not allow for quick sharing access. Unfortunately, customisation of share options is also limited to just stock apps.

See a quick audit below ‡

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One meme for this week

Found on Twitter

Adios and we'll be back next week. See you then πŸ‘‹