Design Vitamins - Issue #22

This issue features UI Land, Labkit, Material Design, eBay, Bruno Simon and two UI Breakdowns from the Spotify App.

Design Vitamins - Issue #22

Welcome to the 22nd Issue of Design Vitamins πŸ’Š β€Œβ€ŒIf you want to access the previous issues, you can check them out in this link.

Let's jump into it to get our weekly fix now ↓

Five Finds of the week

  1. UI Land - Discover Africa's top applications and breakdowns (Try Now πŸ› οΈ)
  2. Every Chat Component you ever need (Play Now πŸ”—)
  3. LabKit for Figma to create collaborative spaces (Play Now πŸ”—)
  4. How to design Transistion patterns for Android (Check it out πŸ”—)
  5. Include - Accessibility annotations Figma plugin by Ebay (Try Now πŸ”—)

Four Things to Read, See and Hear this week

  1. How to pick the least wrong color (View Guide πŸ”–)
  2. How to write an effective GPT3 Prompt (View Article πŸ“Ί)
  3. Making $70,000 in one year with no-code templates (View Guide πŸ“–)
  4. Bruno Simon's Portfolio (View Portfolio πŸ“œ)

Three Things to Try this week

  1. - listen to forests around the world. (Check Now πŸ”—)
  2. Propstar - Figma plugin to generate all states & variants in a click (Try Tool πŸ”—)
  3. Aiko - Free AI transcription tool for MacOS (Check Now πŸ”—)

Two UI Breakdowns of the week

This week's chosen workflows are from Spotify's Share screen:

  1. Share screen of a single track to Instagram stories.
  2. Spotify's edit story for instagram.

Breakdown #1

Sharing screen from spotify is very contextual. Users can choose to share a specfic track/album/playlist or could share lyrics of a particular track.

See a quick audit below of a share screen for instagram ‡

Breakdown #2

When the user's choose to share via instagram, users have an simple option to change or edit backgrounds within spotify. Pretty smart move as it enables people to do better customisation between the two apps without the need for using a 3rd party.

See a quick audit below of a share edit screen for instagram ‡

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One meme for this week

Adios and we'll be back next week. See you then πŸ‘‹

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