Design Vitamins - Issue #21

This issue features Pavan Soni, Batch Styler, Ivo Mynttinen, Abby Covert and two UI Breakdowns from the How we Feel App.

Design Vitamins - Issue #21

Welcome to the 21st Issue of Design Vitamins πŸ’Š
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Five Finds of the week

  1. Batch Styler Figma plugin (Try Now πŸ› οΈ)
  2. Chart Figma plugin (Play Now πŸ”—)
  3. Near Illustrations Pack (View πŸ”—)
  4. Are you still using 3-Click rule in UX Design? (Read Now πŸ”—)
  5. Loading spinners Figma file (Try Now πŸ”—)

Four Things to Read, See and Hear this week

  1. How ChatGPT helped me make a onboarding workflow (View Guide πŸ”–)
  2. Thinking like a Platform (View Article πŸ“Ί)
  3. How to craft a problem statement? (View Guide πŸ“–)
  4. Ivo Mynttinen's Design Portfolio (View Portfolio πŸ“œ)

Three Things to Try this week

  1. Information architecture is for everybody (Check Now πŸ”—)
  2. Interactive Figma land - Figma plugin Β (Try Now πŸ”—)
  3. A non-designers guide to upgrading your Google Sheets (Check Now πŸ”—)

Two UI Breakdowns of the week

Every week, we'll dissect an application/webapp and distill it down to two UI learnings we can take away from that app. 

This week's chosen Application is How we Feel

How We Feel is a free journal for your well-being created by scientists, designers, engineers, and psychologists. Over time, you will learn precise words to describe how you feel, spot trends and patterns, and practice simple strategies to regulate your emotions in healthy ways.

Try it today ‡

How We Feel
The How We Feel Project is a non-profit working to help everyone better understand their own emotions.

Breakdown #1

The core workflow of this app is to log our emotions at any point during the day. The workflow is optimised for users to identify and articulate their emotions quickly, so users can learn to understand themselves better.

See a quick audit below ‡

Breakdown #2

The 2nd core workflow of this app is to see a report of our emotions so we can understand our patterns over a period of time. The report and charts are pretty robust and allows us to deep dive into our patterns.

See a quick audit below ‡

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One meme for this week

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Adios and we'll be back next week. See you then πŸ‘‹