Introducing: Frugal MVP

Learn how to ship an MVP in less than 12 Hours with the power of No-Code.

One of the first MVPs we wanted to launch was a simple job board for product designers in India 🇮🇳

We contacted many developers and some recommended ones.
TLDR; We got quotes of ₹1Lakh ($1300+) for a simple listing board and a timeline of 3 Months. We said yes to a reasonable developer and waited for results. 2 Months passed. Nothing turned up. 😢

While all this was brewing, we stumbled upon the brewing No-Code ecosystem through a post on IndieHackers. It opened a portal to a future that changed our lives! While the team was already familiar with Webflow. We also picked up Carrd, Airtable, Zapier, Notion and 5+ more tools. We quickly learned them and shipped, a job board in less than a weekend including design and spent less than $10/year.

The $10/year gave use priceless learnings on how we should take our business forward but imagine if we spent $1300 for just launching a website and learned nothing of it. Not great ROI right?

With this MVP, we also understood on core aspect that No-Code is the future and till date, we shipped 40+ MVPs frugally using our Minimum Viable No-Code Stack (MVNCS).

🚀 Introducing: Frugal MVP

Finally after 1.5 years of running cohorts, courses and No-Code experience, we're bringing this thought process to help 20 dedicated people to launch their own ideas quickly. This is where you will learn how to ship an MVP in less than 12 Hours.

This is especially for someone who is:
a non-tech founder who does not know how to code or
a Bootstrapped Founder who want to launch under $100 or
a startup who wants to validate their idea before accepting funding or
you want to just launch your own side project.

Frugal MVP is for you.
Book your seat today for in Cohort 1 for $68 or ₹4,999 👇

Frugal MVP
Build, Launch, Validate your No-Code MVP in no-time.
Frugal MVP