Introducing: Nocoloco to empower Makers!🎉

Introducing: Nocoloco to empower Makers!🎉

For Team Xperian, 2016 was a turning point.

Back then, when we were design consultants, we were privileged to work with the Fortune 50 companies and many other businesses. But the work kept us so busy that we couldn’t put out our own website.

But in 2016, after more than 5yrs of being in the field, we finally geared up to launch our website for our presence at an international conference.

Being primarily designers, we went with the approach of working with a techie to build a simple website. Two weeks into the contract, the website was barely in place.

We couldn’t afford to miss the delivery by the conference date. We were anxious, lost in hope and helpless even with technology in place.

That was the time our desperation lead to discovering our first no-code tool Webflow, as a team. While we were tinkering with it as an emerging tool, this time we played around a little more and understood it enough to build our simple website. It took us 4 days, just in time by the conference date and it was a successful presence.

To see the website come alive, completely done by team, with ZERO gaps between what’s designed and what’s developed, was a joy beyond words can express. The website still exists at

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Oghma Website 

Those moments empowered us to continue the journey and be idea-obsessed instead of being disabled by things we didn’t know. We started focusing on testing ideas first and building them next.

Slowly, this helped us explore the no-code landscape and fast forward to current times, in 24 months, we launched about more than 20+ MVPs with zero lines of code. We validated business ideas and let go of those that did not work.

Notably, we launched an Online School, a Recruitment System, a Competition Platform, Client Dashboards and a Podcast Management System and more all using simple Nocode tools like Notion, Airtable, Whatsapp, Webflow and some more.

Empowered with the knowledge and wanting to bring this joy of building effectively and efficiently, we took a leap this year and taught our students at Xperian School on how to build, launch and validate their ideas step by step using No code. Our students had the confidence to tweak, create apps for themselves and for themselves.

We are humbled, happy and hopeful to take it forward even more. So we’re finally gearing up our guts and stepping out to launch a new initiative — a place dedicated for all makers to get empowered holistically with the No-Code and Low-Code approach and bring alive the business ideas into products.

All you need to be is a maker with an idea.

A GPS for the no-code world.
Official Website
Build. Launch. ValidateA place for makers like you, to build, launch and validate your business ideas in no-time with no-code.
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