Are you considering being a Freelancer?

How many of you have had this thought cross your minds, “I’m going to work for myself one day and I’ll be the boss and control my decisions and time.”

And if you take that dive in and go for it, here are the aspects you need to aware before taking the leap:

👩‍💻Building a Personal brand
Working on your own means that you alone are tasked with developing, sustaining, and communicating your professional identity, your personal brand.

🗃Handling Back office Operations
Independent professionals are on their own: they must do the administrative and organisational “back room work” that would typically be taken care of by other departments or staff in a company.

💰Managing your finances
Calculate and be ready with at least 6 to 9 Months of your monthly expenses so that you can be ready incase you are delayed of payments or project cancellations.

🚶‍♀️Managing Aloneness
While it brings in freedom and autonomy, it also often means working alone. Even if working in client teams you can’t completely relax the way you would with your own team. Many freelancers, mentioned that they missed having colleagues to bounce ideas off of or commiserate with; managing isolation is one of the unanticipated challenges of going freelance.

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In this latest episode, we’ve interviewed Darshan Gajara, a Remote Freelancer based out of Berlin, who’s been there and done that. 👇

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