How are you building your Design portfolio?

If you are working on your Design Portfolio more than ever, your time for visibility is here and you cannot go against the grain and miss having a strong portfolio to showcase your work, because the proof is in the pudding.

Working on a Portfolio should not be a strain and multiple perspective can really confuse you. Do you have the following questions?

  • Do you wonder how many case studies to have?
  • Do you know what kind of work to put in your portfolio?
  • How much depth should your case studies have?
  • How many projects can you showcase?
  • What kind of prototypes & detail to show?
  • What is the story you should tell?
  • What kind of layout can you give your portfolio?
  • How to balance between case studies vs experiments?

If you nodded more than 3 times, you are looking for answers and you need them now! The latest episode we’ve released is about Just Enough Portfolio with Hardik Pandya, Head of Design at Unacademy.

Get started here 👇

Building a Just Enough Design Portfolio with Hardik Pandya

Next Steps: Appearing for Interviews

The next logical step is to be ready for interviews, right?

Guess what? We covered that too! Check out the details on how to be ready for them as Hardik shares his secret sauce on how to crack them 👇

We hope this episode gives you enough perspective on how you as a designer can design just enough portfolios and if you have any questions do hit reply and we’ll get them answered in another episode soon.