Your advantage during a crisis? Perspective ⚓️

Learn how to wade through uncertain design careers with this episode from Karthi on the Hireworthy Podcast.

More than ever, we’ve been looking at how a lot of us have been affected by pandemic. Some events though pandemic related or not, the hard truth is that there will be more layoffs & hiring in the coming months, but things will be okay so long as you keep calm and stay smart!

We think the most important thing anyone can do right now is maintain perspective but since some of you have are already asked and looked for a sane perspective, we’ve done a podcast with Karthi Subbaraman to understand about recession and what designers need to question, learn and what new skills, information to be ready with and what to expect to be ready for this new normal.

‎Hireworthy Podcast: 05 | A Perspective: Design & Recession with Karthi Subbaraman on Apple Podcasts
Pandemic related or not, we’re hearing a lot of bad news around us layoffs, recession, market slowdown, hiring freezes and more. As designers, we need to question how to learn and equip ourselves with new skills and information on what to be ready about and what to expect and be ready for this new…
Podcast with Karthi Subbaraman on Recession & Design

Check out this amazing thread written by our listener, Anshuman on this episode and his thoughts how designers should prepare for the future:

If you’ve lost your job or have some indications of it or confused about the current times, trust me, it can be hard and it’s easy to get caught up in the details but I implore you to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Maintaining perspective is the best advantage you can have during these times. It may give you a strategic edge and will help you manage your emotional state better and stay sane (which, let’s be real, is an asset in and of itself).

None of us have much control over timing. Things are changing very quickly and what’s true today may no longer be true tomorrow. We hope this episode gives you enough perspective on how you as a designer can manage yourself well and if you have any questions do hit reply and we’ll get them answered in another episode soon.

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