What if FAQs are better with Audio?

We started this idea of Audio FAQs in 2019 after our students requested many calls with the instructors and coaches after a 20 page long verbal FAQs.

Sometimes it is so much easier to talk from heart without worrying about sentence formation, grammar, appropriate verbs, adjectives etc and our students loved the clarity in 2020.

Why bother with something that works awesome. So for DPDI 2021, here comes a new set of Audio FAQs for our all new DPDI freshly minted.

Available on Spotify. Listen in your walks and jogs. Listen at 1.5x speed if you like. I made sure i am still comprehensible. If you still have questions we will speak to you 1:1 post your application submission.

Our aim is to make your informed decision making easier and authentic. If we can help you achieve YES, good for us. If we can help you achieve NO, great for us.

This is our way of helping you make better decisions and enhance our cohort’s learning experience. We want only people who are serious, hungry and committed.

Applications are open now. It closes on 10th September 2021. Learn more about Digital Product Design Intensive.

Listen to Audio FAQs

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