Design Vitamins - Issue #2

A curated and tried list of design vitamins for learning and growth, featuring King Sidharth, Figma, NNGroup and more.

Design Vitamins - Issue #2
Time to load up on your vitamin

Welcome to the second issue of Design Vitamins. Thank you for the amazing response for the previous issue and we were truly thrilled with the feedback and the amount of support we've received from all of you!

Without further ado, let's dive into this week's Vitamins 💊

Finds of the week

  1. FigDone - Mark tasks as done in Figma Canvas (Try it now ➹)
  2. 10 Tips on How to have a workshop that people won't hate. Timeless piece, honestly! (Read Now ➹)
  3. Notion Style Avatar Creator on Figma (Try it now ➹)
  4. Tree Jack – Testing software for Information design (Try it now ➹)

Read, See and Hear these

  1. 100 Figma Tips as a Twitter thread (Read Link ➹)
  2. What happens when you don't design for the problem? (Read Link ➹)
  3. The difference between iA and Navigation (Read Link ➹)
  4. What is Strategy? – A super quick primer under 10 mins (See Link ➹)
  5. Design Job Titles explained by King Sidharth (Listen Link ➹)
“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” - Beyoncé

Try these

  1. Castro – A well-designed Podcast player (Try it now ➹)
  2. Dropmark - Team Xperian's Bookmarking tool of choice (Try it now ➹)
  3. Open Color - Open Source Color Palettes for UI (Try it now ➹)
  4. Godly - Website Design Inspiration (Try it now ➹)
  5. Amounter - Generate formatted currency & amounts (Try it now ➹)

Nugget of the week

That's it for this week 👋, see ya next week!