Design Vitamins - Issue #1

Design Vitamins - Issue #1
Fresh new issue requires some Vitamin C.

Welcome to the first issue of Design Vitamins.

Starting with a newsletter allows us to experiment with newer formats and publication styles. Our goal is to provide you with a hand-picked selection of workflows, apps, accessories, brain candies and anything that might improve your Design Vitamin Score πŸ˜‰

We're excited to try out something new and we hope to count on your continued support for this brand new publication. Feel free to send in your feedback, recommendations and anything else. We read every response, y'all send us πŸ€—.

Thanks and welcome to Design Vitamins – Team Xperian.

Let's dive into this week's Vitamins, click on the toggle to access the πŸ’Š

Finds of the week

  1. Handoff Helper - A Figma Template for handing-off your design to developers. Template made by Luis (Get it here ↗️)
  2. Quickly Archive your Figma Frames on screens and avoiding copypasta. Plugin Made by Dev (Get it here ↗️)
  3. Aesthetic Notion Template to care for your house plants. Made by Ellie Gons (Get it here ↗️)
  4. Happy Hues - Curated Colors in Context. Designed in Webflow by Mackenzie Child (Check it out ↗️)
The idea of 9 to 5 employment is a relic from the industrial era. Knowledge workers are like athletes, meant to sprint and recover.

– Naval

Read, See and Hear these

  1. How to deal and work with Office Politics (Read Link ↗️)
  2. How to give a great product design portfolio presentation (Read link ↗️)
  3. Climate Tech Primer for Founders (Read Link ↗️)
  4. Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Accelerate your career (Watch Link ↗️)
  5. Embracing a Mindset of Experimentation (Listen Link↗️)
Question of the week
What was something new that you designed last week?

Try these

  1. Spline – Design tool for 3D (Try it now ↗️)
  2. Onboarding Love πŸ–€ – Access 100+ curated Onboarding Workflows in one place (Try it now ↗️)
  3. Fontshare's Pairs – Typography Pairing guide (Try it now ↗️)
  4. Kap – Opensource Loom Alternative for free (Try it now ↗️)
  5. Oku – Book Tracker (Try it now ↗️)

& that's it for this week! See ya next week πŸ‘‹