Dezign Sense #3

This issue features Karlie Typeface, Screensizes, Writer and PPTfy Figma plugins and two curated UI lessons.

Dezign Sense #3

Welcome to the third issue of Dezign Sense. πŸŽ‰

By now you may have noticed that the issue has shifted to Friday night schedule. Here's the thinking β€” for most of us, it has a good intersection between being at work and taking time off for the week and that's where this dose of inspiration can help.

If need be, the weekend can be a great taste-tuning time reflecting on the visuals shared. This week's issue has some gems that have inspired me. I hope they will inspire you too for your work or otherwise.

Let's dive into them. πŸ‘€

Type of the Week

Every week, I share my love for typefaces, one at a time.
Today let us explore Karlie Script by DearType.

Graphic with centered text. The title is Artifex Hand with subtitle "by Connery Fagen". Description says "An elegant, calligraphic sans-serif, best suited for short and long form text in editorial and branding."
Graphic showing a snippet of a page and a business card, both using Artifex Hand. From top to bottom, the page snippet has page number 03, title Renaissance and text description of renaissance. Business card has two line address, fictional store name "New Harbor" and tagline that says "The lighting store for your home".

Although not a free typeface entirely, the regular font weight is free to use. If you're looking for a friendly, cursive, cute, professionally made handwritten font with not too much contrast like other script fonts, this is it! πŸ˜€

Tips of the Week

Small techniques compound and enhance your overall workflow in Design. Here are some tips that can help you with highlighting Product UI or selecting appropriate distribution graph.

Tools of the Week

Some systems, apps, products, plugins add significant value than others. Here are some you can explore this week.

Screen Sizes by Trevor & Christopher

Here's a nifty little tool β€” Screen Sizes, that can be very handy to refer all the screen sizes and resolutions of devices.

Writer by Nathan Huesmann and Soren Iverson

If you wish to speed up content creation within Figma, here is a tool Writer, that can help you save time in fetching sample content pieces to make your UI or Graphic more appropriate.

PPTfy by Jean-Christophe NAOUR

Those of you working in Corporate who tried hard to shift your and your team's workflows to Figma have another good news. It's the PPTfy plugin that can take care of the need to use or send PPTs of presentations created in Figma. You have the best of both worlds. πŸ‘€

Teases of the Week

Here are some visual delights to tease you, from the world of graphics and interfaces that can inspire you in your projects.

Aranja Website
USC School of Architecture - Event Calendar Poster
Boxing Event Typographic Poster
A lolly to make you jolly

Hope you've enjoyed it. If you have a suggestion or a thought, you can reply to this email or reach me on twitter β€” @arjunphlox. Β 

See you all next week with another set of tasteful gems. 🫢🏼