Dezign Sense #2

This issue features Gantari Typeface, Fons Mans, Alma, DKNG and two curated UI lessons.

Dezign Sense #2

Welcome to the second issue of Dezign Sense. πŸŽ‰

I hope you had a good time off with family and friends. I wish you a successful and memorable 2023! I'd like to kickstart this issue with a big thanks to everyone subscribed. This newsletter is now being read by 1500+ designers from companies like Phonepe, Hike, Microsoft, Adobe, and 10 more. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I'm excited to continue the goodness in this visual weekly newsletter focusing on enhancing a designer's sense of approach, choice-making and creativity in aesthetics and function.

Let's dive into this week's stuff. πŸ‘€

Type of the Week

Every week, I share my love for typefaces, one at a time.
Today let us explore Gantari by Lafontype.

Graphic with centered text. The title is Artifex Hand with subtitle "by Connery Fagen". Description says "An elegant, calligraphic sans-serif, best suited for short and long form text in editorial and branding."
Graphic showing a snippet of a page and a business card, both using Artifex Hand. From top to bottom, the page snippet has page number 03, title Renaissance and text description of renaissance. Business card has two line address, fictional store name "New Harbor" and tagline that says "The lighting store for your home".

What I find interesting about this typeface is its simplicity and the not-so-geometric nature that makes it a tad bit more unique.

Tips of the Week

Small techniques compound and enhance your overall workflow in Design. Here are some tips that inspired me over the last few days.

Tools of the Week

Some systems, apps, products, plugins add significant value than others. Here are some you can explore this week.

Alma by Emil

Over the past few years, the space of indie tools has been on the rise, with access to better technology and design. Among them, the Alma app by Emil is captivating little tool for creating gnerative graphics. Up until now, creating this required softwares and languages that have high learning curve, but this tool makes it more approachable and powerful. Although in its infancy, it is very promising if you play a little. Take it for a spin and see.

Charts Modifier by Joshua Guo

There are many plugins for Figma that can generate charts but very few give deeper control. Here's a nifty tool (atleast for the line graphs) β€” Charts Modifier Lines, that can help you tweak the line smoothness of graph in Figma.

Type Tool by Alina Medvid and others

Sometimes, we need super specific tools to do super specific tasks. One such is this plugin β€” Type Tool, which can help you transform text right within Figma without the need for you to switch to Adobe tools. πŸ‘€

Teases of the Week

Here are some visual delights to tease you, from the world of graphics and interfaces that can inspire you in your projects.

Joshua's Interactive Site
Laya Festival Poster\\
Stats Screens for Dating App by Hrvoje
Wakanda Forever Poster by DKNG in collab with Marvel

Hope you've enjoyed it. If you have a suggestion or a thought, you can reply to this email or reach me on twitter β€” @arjunphlox. Β 

Wishing you a very Happy Year again!
See you all next week with another set of tasteful gems. 🫢🏼